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I'm developing some front-end project with the help of Yeoman.

I run the developing webserver by grunt serverand, because there is livereload.js in the project, for watching files change and refreshing the webpage, sometimes, I need to modify multiple files for one purpose(.html, .css, .js ...) and it's kind of waste for browser when each file saves.

So is there a way for MacVim, map cmd + s to :wa ?

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nnoremap <D-s> :wa in your .vimrc should do the trick.

nnoremap means this mapping is only available in Normal mode, and is not recursive.

:wa means write all, i.e. save all the current open buffers.

If you don't want to use a new mapping, you can simply type :wa to achieve the same things, but this is a matter of preferences only.

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i didn't success with <D-s>, or other pre-defined shorcuts, but with <D-j>. thanks! –  bitsMix May 23 '13 at 10:03

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