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Before Android Studio, I was using android-formatting.xml as Code Style in Eclipse.

How can I setup Android Studio / Intellij Idea to format code as in Eclipse?


I tried Eclipse Code Formatter plugin. It seems to work, but you cannot edit any setting at all. My team prefers 120 columns instead of 100.

I tried @CrossleSong answer too. It's a bit tricky, but more powerful. You can save this


as Android.xml and copy it to AndroidStudio/Intellij codestyles folder: for me is


Now you can select Android as Code Style in Android Studio Preferences.

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Turns out, if you restart Android Studio, then you don't have to rename the AndroidStyle.xml file, which might be a better approach just in case a future update tweaks the original Android.xml file. Just choose the right scheme under preferences > code style > java –  gmale Oct 4 '13 at 17:44
With the new Android Studio Beta release you can add the xml file here: ~/Library/Preferences/AndroidStudioBeta/codestyles –  srayhunter Jun 27 '14 at 16:55

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You can download developement from android source. It's folder development/ide/intellij, It' include code style, template ...

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You can use the third-party Eclipse Code Formatter plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA / Android Studio.

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Instructions to use Eclipse XML formatter in Android Studio:

  1. File -> Settings -> Plugins
  2. click 'Browse repositories' button, enter 'Eclipse Code Formatter' to the search field and install the plugin.
  3. Restart Android Studio.
  4. File -> Settings -> Eclipse Code Formatter
  5. select 'Use the Eclipse code formatter', browse your xml style file and press OK button to close the Settings.

I hope I wrote instructions clear. Let me know in case you didn't understand.

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