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I'm a novice at PHP and I need a quick solution to the following problem but can't seem to come up with one:

I have a multi-dimensional array like so

    [0] => Array
            [blogTags_id] => 1
            [tag_name] => google
            [inserted_on] => 2013-05-22 09:51:34
            [inserted_by] => 2

    [1] => Array
            [blogTags_id] => 2
            [tag_name] => technology
            [inserted_on] => 2013-05-22 09:51:34
            [inserted_by] => 2

I want to use the implode() to somehow return a comma-separated string containing values of tag_name key like so.

google, technology

Is it possible to achieve this effect with the said function? If not then please suggest an alternate solution.

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Quite simple:

$input = array(
    'tag_name' => 'google'
    'tag_name' => 'technology'

echo implode(', ', array_map(function ($entry) {
  return $entry['tag_name'];
}, $input));


and new in php v5.5.0, array_column:

echo implode(', ', array_column($input, 'tag_name'));
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Note that closures are only supported with PHP 5.3 or above. –  Léo Lam Mar 22 '14 at 14:51
+ for array_column. Very useful –  Boog Dec 24 '14 at 13:10
join(',', array_map(function (array $tag) { return $tag['tag_name']; }, $array))
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array_map is a call back function, where you can play with the passed array. this should work.

$str = implode(',', array_map(function($el){ return $el['tag_id']; }, $arr));
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Try this

 foreach ($arrays as $arr) {
     $str .= $arr["tag_name"] . ",";
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