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I finally got the PyInstaller up and running. So far it looks good, I'm able to create a single exe that does some calculations on the files in the directory where the exe is located. So I just copy the exe to a folder with the files I need to work on and double click the exe (windows 7).

But would it be possible to make an .exe were I just drag-and-drop my files onto and then it will calculate on those files ____?

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There is a simple way to see how the files you drop on an executable get handled: build an exe from a file with such content:

import sys
def __main__():
    with open("parameters.log", "ab") as f:

Use it with one or more files that you drag and drop and observe the content of parameters.log: you should find that for each file its absolute path is passed as an argument. nth file will have its path in sys.argv[n].

This can actually be generalised to any executable.

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Somehow I couldn't make your code work, but it pushed me in the right direction. I can just use the sys.argv[n] as you suggested. Don't know if my problem was with the __main__() or the open() –  Norfeldt May 24 '13 at 7:39

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