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I saw someone asked this question but no possible answer. I am building a hotspot app. I want to listen when a client connect or disconnect to the hotspot (like samsung rom does). The only things I can do right now is detecting client connect/disconnect when my hotspot is set password. I logcat process hostapd and find out there are 2 line: "AP-STA-CONNECTED" and "AP-STA-DISCONNECTED". But in Open mode, there isn't. So, is there anyway else?

P.s: It seems the package "AP-STA-DISCONNECTED" of process hostapd depends on the kernel of a rom, because when I tested on samsung stock roms, it appeared even in Open mode, but when I tested on CM10.1 roms, it didn't. Is it because of hostapd.conf or wpa-supplicant.conf?

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"I saw someone asked this question but no possible answer." duplicate? –  deadfish May 23 '13 at 11:30
I don't know. It is more than 1 year ago and seems nobody care. –  JensenCdr May 23 '13 at 11:33
I was seeking this answer too, do you got answer? –  gladman 2 days ago

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