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I am getting started with autotools and I am working on a C project that requires different build paths for different architectures (i386 and x86_64).

So far my directory structure is


I am very new with autotools and I don't really understand them well, I followed a couple of tutorials however I couldn't find a way to specify a different directory based on the current CPU's architecture.

Can somebody provide me a short example of and files to make this happen? Thank you very much.

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Generally, you have to call AC_CANONICAL_HOST somewhere in your It will set the variable host_cpu, which you then can query.

Here is an excerpt from an example



  [i?86], [ARCHDIR=arch/i386],
  [x86_64], [ARCHDIR=arch/x86_64],
  [AC_MSG_ERROR("No assembler code for CPU $host_cpu")]


(Note that i?86 is used to match i586, i686 etc.) With this, you can use $(ARCHDIR) in your

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This is great, thank you. I had found a half-assed solution with AC_SUBST and uname -m but this is way more portable, thank you! – Morgawr May 23 '13 at 15:45
Just a small update, I realized you actually need to use @ARCHDIR@ in the and not $(ARCHDIR). – Morgawr May 23 '13 at 16:20

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