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I want to set a rule for accessing a route to some users that I created. My user model is :

public class User extends Model{

    public String firstName;

    public String lastName;

    public String password;

    public boolean labAccess;

    public boolean labAccess() {
       return labAccess;

After users log in to the main page, I have a route link to the "Laboratory page". I want to set a rule for users: if the labAccess of User is true he/she can click the route to see the laboratory page.

My controller action is like this :

public class Application extends Controller {

    public static Result login() {
        return ok(login.render(form(Login.class)));

    public static Result laboratory() {
        return ok(laboratoryPage.render("hello. welcome to lab));

How to set this rule? Do I need to save something in session or set some constraint on actions in my Application class?

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You will have to use Action Composition. Checkout the official documentation!

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thanks brother! but i saw that doc, then came to this forum please write an example if possible, not resource – Keller123 May 23 '13 at 16:29

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