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  • CakePHP 2.3.5
  • PostgreSQL 8.3
  • Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.3.8
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64


When I execute this query 2 twices, return the same value?

$sql = "select nextval('auth_num_seq') as nextval";
$nextval = $this->query($sql);

return $nextval[0][0]['nextval'];


I try that too, but doesn't work?

$sql = "select setval('auth_num_seq', nextval('auth_num_seq') + 1, false)";
$setval = $this->query($sql);

$sql = "select nextval('auth_num_seq') as nextval";
$nextval = $this->query($sql);

return $nextval[0][0]['nextval'];
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There's got to be something else going on here. Please examine your PostgreSQL logs after setting log_statement = 'all' and get the sequence of statements your app actually ran on the database server. You're on an outdated and unsupported version of PostgreSQL that you really should upgrade, but that will not be the cause of this problem. –  Craig Ringer May 23 '13 at 13:37
I know but my customer doesn't want upgrade your postgreSQL, so I can't do nothing. Anyway I don't have access to edit this file... I have just a basic access (select, insert, delete....) –  Patrick Maciel May 23 '13 at 16:50

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I found the solution, in this link: http://cakephp.1045679.n5.nabble.com/how-to-disable-query-caching-td1297496.html

Thanks for AD7six!!

I need just do that: $this->query('some sql', false);. Set the second parameter as false.

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