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I've a form where I have rows to an table manually. This row need and input (required) and have two select...

The problem is, if I add more than one row the submit validation for the table don't work for the second (and subsequent rows)...

Javascript code:

                //trainingAction.addRow(schoolGroups[0].schoolGroupId, -1, '');
                //add one line
                $('#classes > tbody:last').append('<tr><td><input class="required datepicker classStartDate" name="classStartDate" /></td>'+
                    '<td><select class="classSchoolGroupId"></select></td>'+
                    '<td><select class="classSchoolId"></select></td>'+
                    '<td><a href="#" class="none classRemove"><i class="icon-remove"></i></a></td></tr>');

                var last = $('#classes tr:last');
                var csgi = last.find('.classSchoolGroupId');
                var csi = last.find('.classSchoolId');
                var input = last.find('.classStartDate');

                //append values
                trainingAction.appendArrayToSelect(csgi, schoolGroups, 'schoolGroupId', 'schoolGroupName', -1);
                //append values
                trainingAction.appendArrayToSelect(csi, schoolGroups[0].getSchools(), 'Value', 'Text', -1);

                //add event

                //rebind datepicker
                //rebind validators    
                $(input).rules('add', {
                    required: true

                //rebind remove button

I try the code above like the suggested here (jQuery validate - group inputs with similar rules).

Another snippet that I try and don't work (based on this post jquery validation rules)

        classStartDate: {

Any suggestion to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: jQuery version: 2.0

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If you duplicate with the same name on the input only the first one is validated, you need to add the brackets to the name like this

<input class="required datepicker classStartDate" name="classStartDate[]" />

And the javascript

        "classStartDate[]": {

hope i can help in something

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