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I'm trying to develop on the Scala compiler project with the help of ScalaIDE. I followed this guide to set up the development environment. When I now try to build the mentioned projects, the reflect project won't get built. Instead, I get the following error via the console output:

uncaught exception during compilation: scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError    reflect     Unknown Scala Problem

Having tried the provided ANT script of the project via the console, everything seems to work fine.

Does anyone know if I'm missing a hidden compiler flag, dependency or something like this?


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With the IDE for Scala 2.10 you can only build the 2.10.x branch of the Scala compiler. If you want to work on master, you need to install a 2.11-based version of the IDE. We don't publicise IDE for 2.11 nightlies yet, but they are available at:


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Thanks, I just switched to the 2.10.x branch and added the fjbg project and the build process worked. –  sebastian_oe May 24 '13 at 9:52

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