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I am writing a game maker script and wanted to know how to make a message appear on the following line.

ex. show_message("Hello" something +"World") outputs:

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You should probably ask this at the Game Maker forums. –  Artelius Nov 4 '09 at 5:08

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I'm not positive (never used Game Maker before) but the manual appears to state that a # will work (though that may only work for draw_string). You can also try Chr(13) + Chr(10), which are a carriage return and linefeed.

So, you could try:



show_message("Hello" + chr(13) + chr(10) +"World")

From: http://gamemaker.info/en/manual/gmaker

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Always use # as new line in Game Maker! So you should write

show_message("First Line#Second Line");

This should work :D

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Here's another example. Instead of having a message box come up, you could use the function draw_text(x,y,string)

An example of this would be: draw_text(320,320,"Hello World");

Hope this helps

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Not what the user is asking for. –  Rob Quist Aug 26 '13 at 23:19

Despite the other mentioned methods are more "correct", in Game Maker you can also write the new line straight in the code editor:


But codes get a bit messy this way.

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Use # to start a new line:

show_message("Hello World!")  

Would come out like this:

Hello World!



Would come out like this:

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To create a new line use # So for example

To print this:


Use this:

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Try this:

    ent = "
    show_message("Hello" + ent + "World");
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