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I have an ipad application with ZXingWidget for decoding qr codes which generates in another iphone app. When I generates qr code via chart.googleapis.com or ZXing tool everything is ok. But when I create pass with barcode (for passbook) apple generates totally different qr code and ZXingWidget not decoding it correctly. Can somebody help me with it?

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If you think you have found a reproducible bug, then please log it with Apple at bugreport.apple.com –  Robotic Cat May 23 '13 at 15:05
Can you provide an example to reproduce what you are experiencing? –  PassKit May 23 '13 at 15:47

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The first thing too look at is encoding of barcode.

As Apple's documentation suggests:

Barcode scanners and software typically use the ISO 8859-1 encoding, also known as Latin-1. Unicode in particular is poorly supported by most systems. Passbook itself supports all encodings supported by Foundation.

Sample passes by default have

"messageEncoding" : "iso-8859-1"

As I can see from ZXing tool, the default encoding is UTF-8, so to get the same encoding result from Passbook, use

"messageEncoding" : "utf-8"

Also, examine decoding supported by ZXingWidget, to choose the most appropriate one for QR displayed on your passes.

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