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I am using GDI Image::Save Method to save the images to the file in my Application. I am getting Win32Error (7) status error in few instances with Vista 64 bit. It is working fine with vista 32 bits. and also this problem is coming randomly .

Can you please suggest how to solve the problem

Thanks in advance

Regards Subbi Reddy

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What is the return value from GetLastEror() when the Win32Error is returned? –  gwell Nov 4 '09 at 21:58

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One possible case when this is happening is when the image's underlying stream has been closed:

using ( var fs = new FileStream( filename, FileMode.Open ) ) 
    bmp = (Bitmap)Image.FromStream( fs );

If you now try to save bmp this error can occur. Your problem may, of course, be something completely different.

You could, however, try to save a copy of your image instead of saving the image directly, like so:

using ( var tempBitmap = new Bimap( oldBitmap ) ) 
    tempBitmap.Save( ...... );
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