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I've deployed a CakePHP application to Heroku. CakePHP writes its logs in APP_ROOT/app/tmp/logs/error.log and APP_ROOT/app/tmp/logs/debug.log by default but since there's no way to get a shell to a running Heroku web dyno, I can't see the content of those files.

As I understand it, the heroku logs command returns everything which has been dumped to STDERR and STDOUT. If I'm right about that, is there a way to force CakePHP to send its logs to STDOUT?

The Heroku PHP Buildpack tails the Apache and PHP log files as a background process as part of the dyno setup. See below.

cat >>boot.sh <<EOF
for var in \`env|cut -f1 -d=\`; do
  echo "PassEnv \$var" >> /app/apache/conf/httpd.conf;
touch /app/apache/logs/error_log
touch /app/apache/logs/access_log
tail -F /app/apache/logs/error_log &
tail -F /app/apache/logs/access_log &
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/app/php/ext
export PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR=/app/www
echo "Launching apache"
exec /app/apache/bin/httpd -DNO_DETACH

In a fork of that build pack, I added in my own lines in the appropriate positions, then configured my app to use my custom build pack.

touch /app/www/tmp/logs/error.log
tail -F /app/www/app/tmp/logs/error.log &

But this didn't work. In fact, setting aside CakePHP specifics, I don't see any PHP or Apache log contents in the heroku logs either.

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I think the following might work. Make sure you're using CakePHP 2.3.9.

App::uses('ConsoleOutput', 'Console');

CakeLog::config('default', array(
    'engine' => 'ConsoleLog',
    'stream' => new ConsoleOutput('php://stdout')

CakeLog::config('stdout', array(
    'engine' => 'ConsoleLog',
    'types' => array('notice', 'info'),
    'stream' => new ConsoleOutput('php://stdout')

CakeLog::config('stderr', array(
    'engine' => 'ConsoleLog',
    'types' => array('emergency', 'alert', 'critical', 'error', 'warning', 'debug'),
    'stream' =>  new ConsoleOutput('php://stderr')

CakeLog::config('debug', array(
    'engine' => 'ConsoleLog',
    'types' => array('notice', 'info', 'debug'),
    'format' => 'debug %s: %s',
    'stream' => new ConsoleOutput('php://stdout')

CakeLog::config('error', array(
    'engine' => 'ConsoleLog',
    'types' => array('warning', 'error', 'critical', 'alert', 'emergency'),
    'format' => 'error %s: %s',
    'stream' =>  new ConsoleOutput('php://stderr')
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