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I'd like to return a boolean true|false in the select/return statement of a neo4j cypher query, rather than returning the relationship.

for example

START me = node:node_auto_index(Uname="test")
MATCH me-[f?:Favorite]->items
return items.Title, f as isFavorite;

How do have isFavorite return as a bool rather than as an entire relationship object? Is there an isExists() function?

Should I just do it as:

return count(f) > 0 as isFavorite

Note: I've deleted the neo4jclient question as this is a more succint question as is actually a bit more general then the other one.

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you can do return not(not(count(f) > 0)) as isFavorite –  Michael Hunger May 23 '13 at 20:44
is doing the double not more efficient? –  MonkeyBonkey May 24 '13 at 12:45

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For newer neo4j (I'm using 2.1.2) the query could look like this (I'll skip the index part):

OPTIONAL MATCH me-[f:Favorite]->items
RETURN items.Title, f IS NOT NULL as isFavorite;
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