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I have a CSV document littered with thousands of instances of a table that I need to remove. I assume I can use REGEX, but I can't seem to find an expression to remove it. I attached a sample at the bottom.

I thought <table(.*)</table> would work, but that seems to ignore line breaks. Is there somebody who can help me remove these?

<table cellpadding=""5"" align=""center"" class=""shippingcost"" style=""width: 525px;"">



 <td colspan=""2"" style=""text-align: center;"">Shipping:



 <tr class=""shippingcostrow"">


 <div align=""right"">Domestic




 <td width=""400"">

 <div align=""left"">Insured shipping is included to all U.S. destinations.

 Canadian buyers pay $28 for EMS insured shipping.

 All International Buyers pay $35 for EMS insured shipping.




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Got it. SublimeText has special tags for REGEX apparently.

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There is no special tag. That's regular regular expression. – Bibhas May 23 '13 at 19:42
Oh. The place I found (?s) was a forum for ST and it said it was a ST specific thing. Good to know it's not, though. – Devin May 23 '13 at 19:48

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