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I'm using Microsoft online server for TFS, Team Foundation Service (http://tfs.visualstudio.com/), with Visual Studio 2012.

I'd like to add a new State Value for WorkItems. After a search I discover that i can edit the process template to achieve that. I've tried the menu item "Team\Team Project Collection Settings\Process Template manager", but i'm getting the following message:

Visual Studio could not retrieve your user permissions from Team Foundation Server.

Contact your Team Foundation Server administrator to determine the cause of the error and the steps to correct the problem.

If the problem persists, contact Microsoft Product Support Services

Details: Access Denied: marlon.brum@gmail.com needs the following permission(s) on the resource $ to perform this action: Administer

I've added my user to every adminstrator group i've found in tfs configuration, for the project and the collection, but i keep getting that message.

How can i add a custom state to workItens in team foundation service?

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Cons: •Can’t customize process template or workitem templates

So it is not possible to add new states on Team Foundation Services.

Nevertheless, "Team\Team Project Collection Settings\Process Template manager" just allows you to up- and download Process Templates, where you can edit the WIT XMLs. A more comfortable way is to use/install TFS PowerTools and use the WIT Editor "Tools -> Process Editor -> Work Item Types -> Open WIT from Server/File".

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Thanks for the answer. I've already tried the TFS PowerTools, but got the same message. I guess i've to try what i want in a differente way. –  Marlon May 23 '13 at 16:01

This feature is not supported by Visual Studio Online/Team Foundation Service. It seems this is causing a lot of people (including myself) problems. See here for the (planned) feature request.

I suspect the reason for your permission error is not that you haven't assigned the right permission, but rather that the permission is not available to be assigned.

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You need Team foundation Server Admin rights to execute witadmin tasks. What probably you mean by following is that you have added yourself to default collection admin/project admin.

I've added my user to every adminstrator group i've found in tfs configuration, for the project and the collection,

For that you have two options:

  1. Either request your TFS admin to do this activity for you.
  2. Request you TFS Admin to add you to the TFS Admin Group using TFS Admin Console.
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