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I'm new to Dojo world. I tried to create a custom dojo widget from scratch.The problem that I'm facing is the widget is not getting parsed. I see that postCreate method of that widget is not getting called. The widget JS file is being downloaded from the server.

Here are the steps what I followed.

  1. Created a JavaScript file CustomWidget.js in test folder.

    dojo.declare('test.CustomWidget', dijit._Widget, {
        text: "Hello World",
        postCreate: function() {
  2. In my jsp file,I imported test.CustomWidget using dojo.require.

    <script type="text/javascript">
        dojo.addOnLoad(function(){ dojo.parser.parse("addFavorites"); });
    <div id='addFavorites' dojoType='test.CustomWidget'>

I can see that CustomWidget.js file is being downloaded, but I don't see the console statement being printed. Can someone plese help me?

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Looks like you aren't instantiating the widget, do you have code like this somewhere?

<div dojoType="mindtree.CustomWidget">...</div>

Otherwise it's like declaring a class but never calling new.

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