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We noticed large JVM pauses during garbage collection where user and system times are much smaller than the total time. [Times: user=3.99 sys=0.55, real=34.29 secs] We suspected it could be due to memory management and checked transparent and huge pages config which show both are disabled:

/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage/enabled:always [never]
/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage/defrag:[always] never
/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage/khugepaged/defrag:[yes] no

However looking at THP and related counters, we see a lot of compaction stalls: egrep 'trans|thp|compact_' /proc/vmstat

nr_anon_transparent_hugepages 0 
compact_blocks_moved 113682 
compact_pages_moved 3535156 
compact_pagemigrate_failed 0 
compact_stall 1944 
compact_fail 186 
compact_success 1758 
thp_fault_alloc 6 
thp_fault_fallback 0 
thp_collapse_alloc 15 
thp_collapse_alloc_failed 0 
thp_split 17

So the question is, why THP and compaction stall/fail counters are not 0 if THPs are disabled and how to disable compaction so it does not interfere with our JVM (which we believe is the reason of long GC pauses) This is happening on RHEL6.2, 2.6.32-279.5.2.el6.x86_64, JVM 6u21 32-bit. Thanks!

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Doesn't this "/sys/kernel/mm/redhat_transparent_hugepage/defrag:[always] never" mean that it IS enabled? Wouldn't "always [never]" mean disabled? –  Carlos Rendon Sep 17 '13 at 17:16
I think I had similar issue on Centos, does turn off transparent huge pages works? –  Eric Yung Oct 27 '13 at 23:42

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