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I'm using the Kendo Tab Strip for the first time and I have a simple tab strip with two tabs. I want to allign them on the right side of the tab strip. How would I accomplish this?

My mark-up:

<div id="tabStrip" class="assignment-portal-tab-strip">
        <li class="k-state-active">
            Provider Contacts
            Vendor Contacts
    <div class="tab-container">

... Stuff on tab ... Stuff on tab

My Java Script:

    animation: { 
        close: {
        effects: "fadeOut"
        open: {
        effects: "fadeIn"

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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You can do this via CSS:

#tabStrip ul {
  text-align: right;

Here is a live demo:

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Thank you for the solution – Rodney May 23 '13 at 19:36

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