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I'm trying to discretize a pretty large set of numerical data in R (30-50 cols, 500k-1M rows) using the RWeka package.

my original code looked like this:

disc_data <- Discretize(class~., data=ndata, na.action=na.pass)

but I got out of memory errors. I thought it would help to call the function on only one feature at a time (actually 2 columns, to include the class), so I wrote this:

x <- cbind(ndata[1],ndata$class)
disc_data <- Discretize(class~., data=x, na.action=na.pass)

which i intended to run in some sort of loop and combine the results together. However, this gives me:

Error in model.frame.default(formula = class ~ ., data = x, na.action = na.pass) : 
object is not a matrix

To be clear, Discretize takes a data.frame for data, not a matrix...

How can I fix this, either by debugging or by using a better method to address the memory issue?

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Did you check what the column names are in x?

When you run cbind(ndata[1],ndata$class), the second column is named ndata$class, not class. What you need is

x <- cbind(ndata[1], class=ndata$class)
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wow that wasn't what I was expecting to be the problem at all. Thanks for the help fixing the bug! –  rhae66 May 23 '13 at 18:14

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