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How can I get this code to work? I can't make it puts "+" or puts "]":

puts " Enter an option:"
puts "------------------"
puts "1] Learn to FOIL"
puts "2] Learn to factor"
puts "3] Practice!!!!!!!"

input = gets.chomp.gsub[" ", ""]
if input == 1 then
  puts "The FOIL method is used to put together the simplified terms of a polynomial."
  puts "To FOIL, you take the first term of the first set and multiply it by the first"
  puts "and second terms of the second set. Example:"
  puts "   _______"
  puts "  /    \  \"
  puts "[5x+2][10x+4]"
  puts " equals [50x²+20x]"
  puts " "
  puts " WAIT......"
  puts "NOT READY!!!!!!!"
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You need an editor with a syntax highlighter, so you can tell your string isn't being closed:

puts "  /    \  \"

Your final " is being escaped by a \, meaning the string isn't being closed. You need to escape the backslash itself, with another backslash:

puts "  /    \  \\"
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You need to escape the backslashes. Change line 13 to

puts "  /    \\  \\"

I think that answers your question, but there's still a syntax error due to that youtube URL on line 18.

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Ya I know, I was just frustrated, and me and a partner were working on this for a school project, so I left him a link in the source.. It was a Rick-Roll. –  hornzach May 28 '13 at 15:01

Even simpler use single quotes: ' instead of " which filter input.

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That helps, THANKS! –  hornzach May 23 '13 at 17:34

You've escaped a " character in " / \ \". The backslash will print the succeeding character as a literal part of the string rather than a string delimiter. To use the backslash as a literal character you have to escape it with another backslash. You can circumvent all of this by using string literal delimeters like %q( / \ \ ).

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This will never work:

input = gets.chomp.gsub[" ", ""]
if input == 1 then

gets returns a string: "gets" means "get string". That's why chomp and gsub work, because they're methods of String.

You can't compare "1" to 1. The first is a String value, the second is a Fixnum. Trying to do so will irritate Ruby which will respond with false because they aren't the same type of value.

You could say:

input = gets.chomp.gsub[" ", ""].to_i


if input.to_i == 1 then


if input == '1' then



will generate a syntax error because it's not a method or variable.

Perhaps you want the user to open their browser to that URL, or to open the browser for the user and direct it to that URL? Either way, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ isn't going to do it for you.

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