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I am really wanting to use the jQuery address plugin for deep linking my ajax website, but honestly, I have having a hard time understanding how to set it up.

Even the examples seem to not be clear.

Does anyone have a simple example on how to get this working?

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I went through this my first time as well. Their documentation is poor, but it is a very good plugin.

$.address.init(function(event) {

}).change(function(event) {
     // all your application work should be within here.
     // each time something changes this will run
     // use the api methods to find out what is going on.
     event.path // returns the current full path from beyond /#/
     event.queryString // returns the query string ex: /#/?page=1
     event.value // returns the value /#/Home
     // These can all be accessed globally by using $.address.path(), etc         

     // usage
     // example of clicking an a tag set with the ref or href set as a div id
     // be sure to set that in the init method above
     // Shows the selected div

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Any idea how to get it working with the latest jQuery version? –  kwoxer Feb 17 at 9:07
No idea. Twas 4 years ago :( –  Trevor Feb 20 at 16:21
stackoverflow.com/questions/28495507/… is the solution, but a bad style with downgrading =/ –  kwoxer Feb 20 at 17:04

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