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I have a Telerik GridView. My GridView has several columns in it. The first column is a checkbox, and when I check or uncheck it, it changes a property in my Model named IsSelected!
The part of my code looks like this one:

            <telerik:GridViewColumn    Header="" 
                                       HeaderCellStyle="{StaticResource GridViewDefaultCheckboxStyles}">
                        <CheckBox IsChecked="{Binding IsSelected, Mode=TwoWay}" 
                                  Style="{StaticResource GridCheckBoxStyle}">
            <!--Other columns-->

Now I want to remove the checkbox, and when I click a row in my grid(anywhere in the row), I want the IsSelected property to change its value. How can I achieve that? I mean when I click a row, the selected row should be bound somehow to my IsSelected property, without braking the MVVM pattern.

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Consider adding a custom behavior to the GridView that listens to the selection changed event, and updates the IsSelected item. This should keep your design clean.

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