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I am building a package for meteor to be published on Atmosphere and I need to get the current directory that the package is installed. I have tried process.cwd() in a file that's included in the package, but that gets the current directory of my app. The package is installed and working correctly, it just seems that the package is running in the same process as the app, hence process.cwd() is getting the current app dir. Does anyone know of a trick to get the current directory of the package?

This is what I have in the package files:


Package.on_use(function (api) {
    api.use('sync-methods', 'server');
    api.add_files(["lib/api_server.js"], "server");
    api.add_files(["lib/api_client.js"], "client");


var cwd = process.cwd();

This displays /home/dknell/meteor-apps/testApp

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Why would you need current directory? To access a file inside the package? Then add a file as n package asset:

api.add_files(['file.txt'], 'server', {isAsset: true});

And then you can read it with Assets.getText('file.txt') in your package.

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