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I have the following Hibernate-Query, which works fine so far.

public static List<PerformanceLog> getStatistics() {
    return entityManager().createQuery(
            "SELECT NEW de.veliqi.selperf.model.PerformanceLog(o.useCase, o.description, o.totalTime) FROM PerformanceLog o",

But I need to get the average of o.totalTime and I don't know how. Using the following statement throws an exception, saying "org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.QuerySyntaxException: Unable to locate appropriate constructor on class".

"SELECT NEW de.veliqi.selperf.model.PerformanceLog(o.useCase, o.description, AVG(o.totalTime)) FROM PerformanceLog o GROUP BY o.useCase"

What's the right way to do it?

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The basic query syntax is incorrect, you can't select o.useCase and o.description without either, using an aggregator on them, or including them BOTH in the group by clause

To fix, change the group by clause to:

GROUP BY o.useCase, o.description
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Thx CSL,

but that wasn't the problem as grouping by one column works very well.

I figured out that the problem was, that the AVG()-function changes the type of o.totalTime into a Double value. That's why it couldn't locate an appropriate constructor.

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