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I am writing code in C# that places a Certificate into the Personal Store on the computer. Later, it calls that certificate to use in other code. If I manually install the certificate on the computer (import file, provide password, do not enable strong private key protection) then it works fine when I call it from the application. However, if I use the function below to add it, it does not work from the application when I call it later. It adds the certificate to the store, but it does not work correctly when it's called later. I'm not sure what the difference in the files are, unless maybe C# checks the "enable strong private key protection" by default? I just need this function to act the same as when I install it manually.

        // Access the Personal Store
        X509Store store = new X509Store(StoreName.My);

        // Open the store with ReadWrite

        // Create a new certificate from installed *.p12 resource file
        X509Certificate2 myNewCert = new X509Certificate2(Properties.Resources.filename, "password");

        // Add the certificate

        // Close the store
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I also now know it is not the "enable strong private key protection" option that causes this. If I check that during manual install, it will still work. –  user2390434 May 23 '13 at 19:27
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