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On my site a user has a personal profile with a link to his personal external website. The url of the sites I store in a postgresql database under the name website. When I test the result, I always get a url like this:


instead of http://www.example.com

My view index.html.erb looks like this:

<% provide(:title, 'All projects') %>
<h1>All projects</h1>

<%= will_paginate %>

<ul class="microposts">
    <%= render @microposts %>

<%= will_paginate %>

and my _micropost.html.erb like this:

    <span class="title"><%= micropost.title %></span>
    <span class="website"><%= link_to micropost.website, micropost.website %></span>
    <span class="content"><%= micropost.content %></span>
    <span class="timestamp">
        Posted <%= time_ago_in_words(micropost.created_at) %> ago.

I don't know what's the problem in this case. If I set a @ before micropost.website it gives me an error undefined method `website' for nil:NilClass

Does anyone can help me (I'm a RoR beginner)?

KR, Fabian

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Possible duplicate stackoverflow.com/questions/5012188/… –  Luís Ramalho May 23 '13 at 19:02
not really. If I write <span class="website"><%= link_to micropost.website, micropost.website %></span> in my _micropost.html.erb, I get also an undefined method `website' for nil:NilClass error –  Fawyd May 23 '13 at 19:17
If that's the case, shouldn't you first get undefined method title for nil:NilClass in the line above it? <span class="title"><%= micropost.title %></span> –  Joe Frambach May 23 '13 at 19:18
@JoeFrambach no, <%= micropost.title %> works fine, but if I would change this to <%= @micropost.title %> instead, I get also the same error (but this time for the title) –  Fawyd May 23 '13 at 19:22
So how is this not a duplicate –  Joe Frambach May 23 '13 at 21:56

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It sounds like you are storing URLs without the http:// so they are being interpreted as relative URLs. You just need to do something like this:

link_to micropost.website, "http://#{micropost.website}"

or maybe add a full_url method to that model that adds it if it's missing.

By the way, you can't use @micropost in that partial because it doesn't exist (you only have @microposts or micropost).

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thanks, have tried this and it works well. Sorry but for me as a beginner the above answers were not clear enough to see the similarity between my problem and the problem in the mentioned other stack overflow-question. Sorry for this newbie dumb brain ;-) –  Fawyd May 23 '13 at 19:28

You can do something like that:

link_to micropost.website, url_for(micropost.website)

See Rails Api: url_for

You can experiment in rails console. Just type in console:

micropost = Micropost.first
helper.link_to micropost.website, url_for(micropost.website)

And you see a result string.

Also you need to learn the difference between path and url helpers. See ruby on rails guide.

Goro rights. You need to add "http://" to your website attribute. After validating and before save Model instance to database you need to add this prefix.

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Here's what i did.

Let's say we have @person and he has a link (@person.link) # => www.google.com

in your helpers create something like this

def extlink(link)

 if link.include?("http://")
  puts link
  link.insert(0, "http://")


And in your file you can do

<% @person.each do |p| %>

<%= link_to 'External', extlink(p.link) %>

<% end %>

Works for me

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This won't work for links to other protocols, such as https://, ftp://, or the wide range of application protocols like spotify:// - perhaps just match :// if you want to use this method. Having said all that though, it would be better to validate the URL on input –  Barry Jun 13 '14 at 8:22



instead of


in your signup form.

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