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So to simplify the scenario let's just say I have two scenes in my Unity project: the menu where connection happens and the level to walk around in. The server user (SU) will setup a game and load the Level scene, and once loading is complete, call Network.Instantiate to make their avatar. Next the client (CU) comes along, connects to that game, and does the same thing (waits for load complete and instantiate his own avatar.)

At this point, the server has an object with the remote flag representing the connected client avatar(along with their own not remote avatar) so that seems to be working as expected. But the client only sees himself, none of the avatars that were instantiated before he arrived. A few seconds later, the client gets this error (3 is the id for the SU avatar):

  • View ID AllocatedID: 3 not found during lookup. Strange behaviour may occur
  • Received state update for view id' AllocatedID: 3' but the NetworkView doesn't exist

Why isn't the CU being told to load objects that were called via Network.Instantiate prior to him connecting? Did I miss a step somewhere? I was under the assumption that for the most part Network.Instantiate did all the hard work for you in the background, letting new users know when they show up what to load.

As a control, I have another somewhat simpler project I was using for reference where it works the way I'd expect. I see nothing in the project to indicate that I have to do anything but use Network.Instantiate (assuming I have all the appropriate NetworkViews on the prefab, which I'm pretty sure I do.)

Any sparked ideas as to what might cause this miscommunication would be appreciated.


Upon further testing I discovered that the object is being created on the client, but it's being instantiated in the menu scene (on connection), not the Level scene (on proper scene load.) Furthermore, if after both parties are connected I instantiate an avatar in Level 2 (another scene) he appears for everyone else even if they're on Level 1. This is not desired behavior.

How do I make it so an avatar only loads for every client when they're in the same scene?

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