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I have a jsFiddle with Droppable1 accepting Draggable1 and Droppable2 accepting Draggable2. It uses a handler and is set to revert on invalid.

However, I'd like the droppables to react on attempt to drop incorrect draggables on them. So, for example, when you drop Draggable1 on Droppable2, the color of Droppable2 should become the color of Draggable1 and additionally, Draggable1 should revert back as normal. I've no idea how to do it, because all droppable events are fired only when something is done to accepted draggable, not to unaccepted one.

Theoretically I could make the droppable accept both draggables, then change the color on drop event. But in such case the revert effect on invalid will be lost, because dropping Draggable1 on Droppable2 will be valid.

Is there any way to achieve it?

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did you ever find a solution to this? –  Ethan Joffe Apr 13 at 18:24
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Is this the functionality you are looking for?

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