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i am trying from within a controller to redirect to an IP address that contains a variable [params[:uid]] but i cant get it to evaluate properly. I am trying:

redirect_to "https://www.yooooos.com/RemLite/Displaystudy.HTML?studyUIDsList= params[:uid]&username=usrrrrr&password=raanndke"

the address is valid but server connection resets when i try it. what am i doing wrong?

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It looks like you forgot about #{}

Try this:

redirect_to "https://www.yooooos.com/RemLite/Displaystudy.HTML?studyUIDsList=#{params[:uid]}&username=usrrrrr&password=raanndke"
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It works- Thanks Sergey! –  user2284821 May 24 '13 at 5:25

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