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Playing around with a ffi library but are getting the wrong return value:

This is my ruby code using the standard nfclib:

module NfcLibrary
  extend FFI::Library
  ffi_lib '/usr/local/Cellar/libnfc/1.7.0-rc1/lib/libnfc.4.dylib'
  enum :NfcModulationType,
  [:NMT_ISO14443A, 1,

  enum :NfcBaudRate,

  class NfcIso14443aInfo < FFI::Struct
    layout :a, :uint8,
    :b, :uint8, 
    :c, :int,
    :uid, :uint8,
    :len, :int,
    :ats, :uint8

  class NfcTargetInfo < FFI::Union
    layout :nai, NfcLibrary::NfcIso14443aInfo

  class NfcModulation < FFI::Struct
    layout :nmt, :NfcModulationType,
    :nbr, :NfcBaudRate

  class NfcTarget < FFI::Struct
    layout :nfc_target_info, NfcLibrary::NfcTargetInfo,
    :nfc_modulation, NfcLibrary::NfcModulation

  attach_function :nfc_init, [:pointer], :void
  attach_function :nfc_open, [:pointer, :string], :pointer
  attach_function :nfc_close, [:pointer], :void
  attach_function :nfc_list_devices, [:pointer, :string, :int], :int
  attach_function :nfc_initiator_init, [:pointer], :int
  attach_function :nfc_device_get_name, [:pointer], :string
  attach_function :nfc_initiator_select_passive_target, [:pointer, NfcLibrary::NfcModulation, :pointer, :uint8, NfcLibrary::NfcTarget], :int

This is the part of nfc lib i try to implement:

 /* NFC Device/Hardware manipulation */
  NFC_EXPORT nfc_device *nfc_open(nfc_context *context, const nfc_connstring connstring) ATTRIBUTE_NONNULL(1);
  NFC_EXPORT void nfc_close(nfc_device *pnd);
  NFC_EXPORT int nfc_abort_command(nfc_device *pnd);
  NFC_EXPORT size_t nfc_list_devices(nfc_context *context, nfc_connstring connstrings[], size_t connstrings_len) ATTRIBUTE_NONNULL(1);
  NFC_EXPORT int nfc_idle(nfc_device *pnd);

  /* NFC initiator: act as "reader" */
  NFC_EXPORT int nfc_initiator_init(nfc_device *pnd);
  NFC_EXPORT int nfc_initiator_init_secure_element(nfc_device *pnd);
  NFC_EXPORT int nfc_initiator_select_passive_target(nfc_device *pnd, const nfc_modulation nm, const uint8_t *pbtInitData, const size_t szInitData, nfc_target *pnt);

and this is my testprogram that is connecting to my nfc_device but outputting -2:

require 'ffi'
load '~/Documents/nfc/nfc_library.rb'

device_ptr = FFI::MemoryPointer.new :pointer
context_ptr = FFI::MemoryPointer.new :pointer
target = NfcLibrary::NfcTarget.new 

device_ptr = NfcLibrary::nfc_open(context_ptr.read_pointer, nil)


nmMifare = NfcLibrary::NfcModulation.new
nmMifare[:nmt] = :NMT_ISO14443A
nmMifare[:nbr] = :NBR_106

NfcLibrary::nfc_initiator_select_passive_target(device_ptr, nmMifare, nil, 0, target.pointer)

It is basically this example im trying to implement in ruby. The C example works great but my ruby code return -2. I believe i am wrong about some of the pointers and values in the last line of test code or in my attach_function statement. Please help me figure it out.

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