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I often times write wrappers around Rails helpers, such as #link_to. So, I want to pass most of the arguments to the actual Rails helper with something like this:

def wrapper_link_to(*args, &blk)
  ActionController::Base.helpers.link_to(*args, &blk)

Because I don't want to reimplement all the cool stuff that #link_to (or #content_for or lower) already does.

Is there a way to pull certain arguments out of *args before passing it along? That way I can interact with only the arguments the wrapper method cares about and still keep all the rest of #link_to working?

I want to do something like this:

def wrapper_link_to(wrapper_arg, *args, &blk)
  options = args.extract_option!(:wrapper_option) # extract_options! would normally clear out args
  if options[:wrapper_option]
    # do stuff
  ActionController::Base.helpers.link_to(wrapper_arg || other_stuff, more_stuff, *args, &blk) # *args will now be the original *args, but without :wrapper_option

Right now, I've copied the logic of #extract_options! and made an ugly method that's like:

def extract_option(arg, args)
  if args.last.is_a?(Hash) && args.last.extractable_options?
    args_hash = args.pop
    args_value = args_hash.extract!(arg)[arg]
    return args_value, [args_hash]
    return nil, args

Is there a Ruby or Rails method that does something similar to this already?

Ultimately, it would be nice if:

wrappper_option_value = args.extract_option!(:wrapper_option)

Would modify args to have the the :wrapper_option removed and return the value of :wrapper_option.


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I'm not sure what the other_stuff and more_stuff is in your example. But after separating args from options with extract_options! you could use the :wrapper_option value then just delete it with options.delete(:wrapper_option) before calling link_to. If I understand correctly what you're doing. –  lurker May 23 '13 at 23:07

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I don't think so, but you can write it your self (note there is no bang "!" to have a different method name):

def extract_options
  last.is_a?(::Hash) ? last : {}

or you could extract_option! from a duplicate, leaving your original args untouched

def wrapper_link_to(wrapper_arg, *args, &blk)
  options = args.dup.extract_option!(:wrapper_option)
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