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I'm having issues attempting to upload a file to a web service using Faraday.

My code

conn ='http://myapi') do |f|
  f.request :multipart

payload = { :file =>'...', 'image/jpeg') }'/', payload)

Nothing seems to happen after attempting the post. When I inspect the response this is what I'm seeing.

The body is being set to a CompositeReadIO object and it seems to never be sending out a request.

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In the arguments to, are you also adding the mime type? e.g. "image/jpeg". Also, the first argument to post should be the path section of the URL, so if it was the root route (haha) of the myapi site, it should be'/', payload). Does that change anything? – iain May 24 '13 at 2:46
Yes, I am speecifying the mime-type, should have put that in the example. – anthonator Jun 1 '13 at 0:00
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It turns out that I needed to specify an adapter. Here's the code that ended up working.

conn ='http://myapi') do |f|
  f.request :multipart
  f.request :url_encoded
  f.adapter :net_http # This is what ended up making it work

payload = { :file =>'...', 'image/jpeg') }'/', payload)
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