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In folders where there is a .svn folder I cannot right click on a file and choose "properties" anymore. The context menu appears correctly, but the list ends right before where "properties" is supposed to be.
When I delete the .svn folder the item returns again.

I have the latest version of tortoiseSVN installed. Anyone experienced this? Any ideas why and how to solve this?

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Try to select the folder and press Alt-Return. Does that open the properties dialog? –  Aaron Digulla Nov 4 '09 at 9:31
yes. it does. So the function itself is still working. It's just the menu item that's dissapeared –  Boris Callens Nov 4 '09 at 9:35

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Workaround: Select the folder and press Alt-Return. That should open the properties dialog.

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Thanks. That is indeed a workaraound. But the question is WHY is this? –  Boris Callens Nov 4 '09 at 14:56

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