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I'm using Eclipse 3.8 with PyDev (lastest in update channel), the doctring is generate but pyDev dont use it

def reporthook(self, count, blockSize, totalSize):
    Comment Example
    :param count: description of count param
    :type count: int
    :param blockSize: description of blockSize param
    :type blockSize: int
    :param totalSize:description of totalSize param
    :type totalSize:int
    count. # <-- Here with CTRL + Space dont autocomplete
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Your question is confusing. The docstring you give has nothing to do with autocompletion. This is two different things.

If you want the documentation of your method to show up, press :

YourClass. # Ctrl+Space

Then clicking reporthook in PyDev will display the whole code of this method (including the docstring).

Otherwise, if you are asking for autocompletion, Python being dynamically typed, PyDev has no reason to show up anything by pressing count. # Ctrl+Space (with the dot), as count (even if it was a class - which is not the case), could not be recognized as such.

By another hand, docstrings are only available at runtime, so PyDev has no reason to use it while editing scripts (excepted if the requested module or feature comes from an already compiled module : for example pressing numpy. # Ctrl+Space would provide the doc for its functions, because it is a module loaded in memory by PyDev at startup).

I suggest that you have a look here.

Or maybe, refreshing the Python Interpreter would help (Windows > Preferences > PyDev > Python Interpreter > Apply > Check the interpreter > Press OK), your script being in the PYTHONPATH...

Hope this is helpful...

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Also, to my experience PyDev works quite better under Linux than Windows. (Don't know anything about OSX). –  Gauthier Boaglio May 24 '13 at 13:26
i want PyDev autocomple my var by type –  rkmax May 24 '13 at 16:20
Yes I got that, but I'm not sure this is possible. That's what I attempted to tell... If someone demonstrates the opposite, I'm totally disposed to hear the arguments. –  Gauthier Boaglio May 29 '13 at 19:42
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