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I have a Partial View which shows on multiple pages. The problem I am facing after implementing it is, The position of the partial view is beiong shuffled on different views. Each of the views have their own css layout. So, should I change the css layout of all the views or is there any workaround for it...

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Typically you would render shared partials like here:

One way to do it is to have two Layouts for your pages. Have the default _Layout.cshtml and _LayoutWithSomething.cshtml and then in your Views determine which one to use

      Layout = "~/Views/Shared/_LayoutWithSomething.cshtml";

Another way to do this is to put RenderSection block in your _Layout.cshtml

        <div class="main-content">
            @RenderSection("submenu", false)

And then use @section in your views, note that this doesn't work inside partial views.

@section submenu

If your css completely changes the layout I'd split the css into two: layout aspect of styling and then the others like colors etc.

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