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I'm currently trying to integrate Millennial Media with Admob Mediation so I can display its interstitial ads on my iPhone app. Everything is working OK and I'm able to display the test ad (my app hasn't been approved yet), but when I close an ad, interstitialDidDismissScreen is not being triggered. I know that I've implemented the delegate correctly and it works with other ad networks so I know the problem is not on my end. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I was hesitating on responding until I got a definite ETA on the adapter fix. We're posting updated adapters this afternoon, so check the download page two hours after the time-stamp on this post.

If this is an urgent request, put in a request on the support page and I can send you the updated adapter library that way, too. Thanks!

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I contacted Millennial Media support, and the guy told me this was a known bug that they're currently trying to fix and will have an updated adapter sometime early next week (I'll update my answer when it's available).

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