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I have this line about 500 times in a my file backup.xml


Is there a way through command line, perl, etc. to add a number into the line after the word review. For example, something like this:


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Why not use Perl, as I suggested with your last problem. Once again, this is a sort of hack solution, that only works if there's a maximum of one replacement per line... But it's a quick throw-away program.

perl -e '$count=1; foreach (<>) { s/(my-company-review)(\/<\/link>)/$1$count$2/ && $count++; print; }'

An extra loop will do multiple substitutions on a line:

perl -e '$count=1; foreach (<>) { while(s/(my-company-review)(\/<\/link>)/$1$count$2/) {$count++;} print; }'

That awk solution looks way nicer =)

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That right there actually worked perfect for the question above. I just tried using it for adding a number after the word review in my-company-review</wp:post_name> and no number was added. This is what I entered: perl -e '$count=1; foreach (<>) { s/(my-company-review)(\/<\/wp:post_name>)/$1$count$2/ && $count++; print; }' backup.xml > newfile.xml No error was given but the output file was exactly the same as the original... –  user2410854 May 24 '13 at 4:42
Because the regex has a \/ before the tag. Take that out and it should work. –  paddy May 24 '13 at 4:46

Here's one way:

perl -i -wpe ' BEGIN { $count = 1; }
                 if s{(my-company-review)(/</link>)}{$1$count$2};
             ' backup.xml

(Disclaimer: not tested.)

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You can use awk:

awk 'gsub("/</link>", NR "/</link>")' infile

or perl:

perl -ne 's:/</link>:$./</link>:; print' infile
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This will replace with the same number if you have multiple copies on the same line. Perhaps need to find a different record separator? –  paddy May 24 '13 at 4:33

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