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I'm trying to devise a way to display an SVG image when rendering is supported and a png in the fallback case. I would like to do this on the server side for performance reasons because both are image formats are generated dynamically.

Is there a way to use the Page.Request.Browser to determine if SVG is supported?

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I would hardcode for Ff, IE, and Chrome the minimal version that supports svg, and fall back on png for the rest. That will solve 95% of the problem. – user180326 May 24 '13 at 5:59

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I ended up hardcoding the browser version after finding this table. The versioning support is pretty straightforward so I just made a case statement. Based on the table everything else should support SVG (at least partially). I don't need to support "Android Browser" so I left it out.

System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities browser;

switch (browser.Browser)
  case "Firefox":
  case "Mozilla":
    return browser.MajorVersion >= 3;
  case "IE":
  case "IEMobile":
    return browser.MajorVersion >= 9;
     return true;
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Maybe not exactly what you were looking for but I remember that Modernizr.js has support for that

bool Modernizr.svg

Your could point to an action with this bool in the query string.

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You could code separate partial pages one with the PNG image and one with SVG. And in the client you could detect the support and make a get request to one of the partial pages and place it in the DOM.

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