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I want to export a large amount of data from oracle something like 7 million records and then import it in mysql. but during the exporting a data from oracle(using oracle sql developer), the sql developer freezed. Any ideas how to export a large amount of data from oracle and then import it in the mysql.

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you can use method described here:… – mvp May 24 '13 at 6:00

To do that you need an ETL tool (,_transform,_load) There is one open source good product called Pentaho Data Integration.



How to use it:

NOTE: You do not have to create any repository (file/db) you can just create:

a new transformation -> add table input and table output -> define connections

and you are done.

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SQL Developer doesn't handle large data sets very well, but SQL*Plus is very capable in that respect and has been used for this for decades. Spooling out a file of that size is no problem, and it's a free tool of course.

You have to pay attention to various settings to override the default headings, linesize, pagesize, feedback etc..

Run tests on a select of about 1,000 records to establish that you have the correct settings. Off the top of my head ...

set heading off
set feedback off
set echo off
set termout off
set linesize 2000
set define off
set trimspool on

There may be a few I've forgotten -- if you see undesirable formatting issues in the output post a followup if you can't resolve them yourself.

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