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first i wud like to tell about the basic structure that i am following

say i have a table named td_idea which has a structure like this

| idea_id  |  idea_name   |  idea_submitter_id   |   idea_status    |

ten i have a table called td_idea_contribution which is to show the contribution that user s have made on a particular idea

| contribution_id  |  idea_id   |  submitter_id   |

and finaly the td_idea_contribution_like table

| like_id  |  contribution_id   |  submitter_id   |

i want to display all the contribution based on a particular idea_id, each contribution listed will also show the no. of vote on that particular contribution

here's what i am trying to achieve using the query

$sql="SELECT td_idea.*,td_idea_contribution.*,COUNT(td_idea_contribution_like.*) AS tot_like 
                                      FROM td_idea,td_idea_contribution,td_idea_contribution_like
                                     WHERE td_idea.idea_id=td_idea_contribution.idea_id 
                                     AND td_idea_contribution.contribution_id=td_idea_contribution_like.contribution_id
                                     AND td_idea.idea_id='$id'
                                     AND td_idea_contribution.contribution_type='Design' ORDER BY tot_like DESC";

but the sql string is showing me error, can anybody help me solving this mysql query....

Thanks in advance


the error is as follows

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '*) AS td_idea_contribution_like.tot_like FROM' at line 1
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Within count we can specify column name or *. In your query you are passing multiple columns as argument in the count function.. –  Meherzad May 24 '13 at 6:10
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1 Answer

COUNT(td_idea_contribution_like.*) is the problem here

* means You specified more than one column here.

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