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I have a TYPO3 site that's been running with realURLs autoconf for years.

The pattern is very simple: Domain/language/pid e.g. example.com/d/6

Now I have to make an addition to the realURL config, but I'm not sure on how to reproduce the setup by autoconf in a manual configuration file (we don't want to change the URLs)

How's that done? I've tried outputting the serialized autoconf values via var_export(), but no work.

Or: how can I create the URL pattern above in realurl_conf?

Thanks! Urs

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It's quite easy:

  1. In Extension Manager (EM) find the RealURL and set option Automatic configuration file format to PHP source (slow!) (with automatic conf still enabled!)
  2. Remove the file typo3conf/realurl_autoconf.php (as far as I remember), clear all caches and refresh the main page, the autoconf file will be recreated in unserialized version.
  3. Rename the file to typo3conf/realurl_conf.php, go to EM again and uncheck the automatic configuration option.

After clearing the caches and you'll be switched to manual config built from the automatic one.

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great, it worked, thanks! – Urs May 24 '13 at 14:17

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