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hello I have a form with few input fields, I am want to display some information related to the particular field once user enter the text field. so far I have managed to do this:

 <td width="162"><input name="txtname" type="text" id="txtname"  /></td>
 <td width="333"><span class="style1"><br/>Enter Your Name, Preferably as per your PAN Card</span></td>
 <td>Father Name&nbsp;</td>
 <td>&nbsp;<input name="txtfname" type="text" id="txtfname"  /></td>
 <td><span>Enter Your Father Name Preferably as per your PAN Card</span></td>
        <td>&nbsp;<input name="txtpan" type="text" id="txtpan" onblur="checkPAN()" maxlength="10"  /></td>
        <td>Enter Your PAN No. carefully</td>
        <td>Mobile Number&nbsp;</td>
        <td>&nbsp;<input name="txtmb" type="text" id="txtmb" maxlength="10"  /></td>
        <td>Enter your Mobile No. we will be in touch with you with this No In case of any further details</td>
        <td>Confirm Mobile Number&nbsp;</td>
        <td>&nbsp;<input name="txtmbcnfrm" type="text" id="txtmbcnfrm" maxlength="10"  /></td>
        <td>Reenter your Mobile No.</td>
        <td>Email Id&nbsp;</td>
        <td>&nbsp;<input name="txtemail" type="text" id="txtemail" onchange="emailval()"  /></td>
        <td>Enter your Valid email ID to which you need to receive    Acknowledgement,   </td>

all information next to text fields should be hidden but when onFocus the particular information should be displayed, I can do this with jquery but I am confused how to get there.

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And what have you tried so far? What is your jquery code? –  reporter May 24 '13 at 7:58
you can use plcaholder –  M.I.T. May 24 '13 at 8:00
is the information that you want to display the next <td> after input? –  Spokey May 24 '13 at 8:01
Please format your HTML first because somewhere you have used <span> and somewhere it is missing –  Dhaval Marthak May 24 '13 at 8:02

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$('input').on('focus', function () {
$('input').on('blur', function () {

here's the FIDDLE

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