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I am developing iPhone application which is support iOS 5.0 & iOS 6.0. My all ViewControllers in Portrait mode. But there is one ViewController which has image gallery. This image gallery has landscap as well as portrait images that's why i have to make only this ViewController support in both (Landscap & Portrait) mode.

My main problem is i can't make whole application in support in both mode And if i keep only one support of mode (Portrait) then my image gallery ViewController can't laid in Landscap mode.

Please give me some idea to solve this problem. Code samples are appreciate.

i know my question quit similar to others but i did't get from there as much which can help me.

Note : I make image gallery with using simple ScrollView.

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see this… – kirti mali May 24 '13 at 9:13

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Take a look at the following Apple sample

Also try out this tutorial by Ray Wenderlich. It doesnt have orientation implemented though. But he explains how to implement paging using UIScrollView.

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