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Now I am studying cocos2dx, and I use xcode build a demo, it's ok, but when I use xcodebuild to build it ,it's error.

xcodebuild -project proj.ios/CoinFlip.ios.xcodeproj -scheme CoinFlip.ios -configuration Debug -sdk iphonesimulator6.1    

and err information:

clang: error: invalid architecture 'arm' for deployment target '-mios-simulator-version-min=5.0'
Command /Applications/ failed with exit code 1 

How do I solve it? Thank you!

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Just solved a similar problem by following these steps:

  1. adding i386 into the Valid Architectures in the TARGETS section
  2. adding -arch i386 In the xcodebuild command arguments
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I have met the same problem, and @thomas's fix works for me. In case anyone needs a full script, see my answer here xcodebuild test command for using with jenkins doesn´t work

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