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When retrieving events after a specific date Get-WinEvent seems to be slower than Get-EventLog:

$SourceComputer = "MyServer"
$LogName = "Security"
$StartDate = (get-date).AddMinutes(-30)
$hashquery = @{logname=$LogName; StartTime=$StartDate}
(Measure-Command -Expression {Get-WinEvent -ComputerName $SourceComputer -FilterHashTable $hashquery}).TotalSeconds
(Measure-Command -Expression {Get-EventLog -Computer $SourceComputer -LogName $Logname -After $StartDate}).TotalSeconds


Get-WinEvent: 128.8475308
Get-EventLog: 4.5299092

This seems odd since Get-WinEvent is supposed to perform better that the older Get-EventLog function. Am I doing something wrong?

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According to this blog post, Get-EventLog seems to be significantly slower when used against remote hosts.

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Yep.. that's what I was expecting, but it's not the case. I get the same behavior whether I run locally or on a remote server. – TheArchedOne May 24 '13 at 16:10

...Get-WinEvent is supposed to perform better that the older Get-EventLog...

With most parameters, this is correct. Get-WinEvent is faster than Get-EventLog, because Get-EventLog grabs the entire EventLog, then locally filters.

However, Get-WinEvent does have a few caveats, the first being -FilterHashtable which has a few bugs.

The second being that -FilterHashtable is very slow as per the bottom of the blog post cited by Ansgar Wiechers. The recommendation is to use -FilterXML

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I get very similar results regardless if I use Hashtable, XML or no filter. Querying the Security event log is ~30 times slower than querying any other log I have tried - even in PS4 (haven't tried on ver. 5) – abstrask Apr 20 at 8:34

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