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Using this code:

$('#select-from').each(function() {

<select name="selectfrom" id="select-from" multiple="" size="15">
  <option value="1">Porta iPhone Auto</option>
  <option value="2">Leather Moto Vest</option

I get all the values from that select box that are selected, how do I get also the ones not selected?

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This is the code you need:

 $('#select-from option').each(function(){

Take a look at this jsfiddle

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Try below

get all values

var valuesArray = $("#select-from option").map(function(){
  return this.value;

get selected and unselected values in different array.

var values = {
  selected: [],

$("#select-from option").each(function(){
  values[this.selected ? 'selected' : 'unselected'].push(this.value);



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$("#selectId > option").each(function() {
    alert(this.text + ' ' + this.value);

this.text will give the text

this.value will give the value

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My version :)

$("#select-from option:selected").each(function (i, x) {
    alert($(x).val() + " selected");

$("#select-from option:not(:selected)").each(function (i, x) {
    alert($(x).val() + " not selected");
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$('#select-from option').each(function() {

This will return all values.

If you want to highlight the selected you could do an if statement to check if selected and then merge somthing to the output text with a +.

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Seems the OP wants the value, not the text. –  RobG May 24 '13 at 9:55

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