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I have a sequence in which I need to pop a UIViewcontroller from outside the class. From the server I will get an log out event, and I need to pop the view controller if it is open. So I have done this to find the top view controller and pop it:

UIViewController *top_view_ctrlr = [self.navigationController topViewController];
if (top_view_ctrlr.view != nil) {
    [top_view_ctrlr.view removeFromSuperview];

// Popping only the top view controller.
[top_view_ctrlr.navigationController popToViewController:dash animated:NO];

Then I am setting nil for all the view controllers created, e.g.:

if (history != nil) {
    history = nil; // Here history is an view controller. Because it is not on top, I am setting only nil here to release all its memory. 

As I am using ARC, I guess I don't need to worry much about memory release inside history. However, it's crashing with:

[history_class tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:]: message sent to deallocated instance.

What could be the problem? Why it is crashing when I set the object to nil?

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Why do you remove the topViewController's view from its superview? You should never need to do that in a navigation controller, popToViewController: does that automatically, and removing a view "behind the navigation controller's back" is probably causing the crash.

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Thanx for your answer.. Actually I have done like that to avoid adding a method in all class to do the pop operation. So assigning object to nil is not a problem then? –  Newbee May 24 '13 at 10:20

I think I know what you plan to achieve, but I fear you lack some fundamental understanding of how to use UIViewControllers and UINavigationControllers, that's why I recommend reading this first:

View Controller Programming Guide for iOS

I'm sure it will help you with your current problem and in the future.

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Yeah thanks, I will have a look at this. –  Newbee May 24 '13 at 10:17

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