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Which could draw lines between 2 divs and more.

In fact, I would have 3 divs on my page, named choice 1, choice 2 and choice 3

Each choice would get the responses linked to this choice, for example if you click on choice 1 you would have response A, choice 2 responde B etc

But, I would like to have the response under the choice block, that's a bit complicated I admit, that's why I did a schema : Schema

Thanks for answer


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I am not getting your question clearly.. But I hope JQuery - Accordion will be matching with your requirement. If it does not meet your requirement, please let us know your requirement little more elaborately.. :)

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it's look like that but there is not links between the blocs :( –  Thibault Le Roy May 24 '13 at 11:45

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